Vision and Mission

"CHN Museums" is dedicated to overseas dissemination and people-to-people communication of Chinese culture, history, art, folk customs and traditional craftsmanships. With the support of major museums and professional institutions in China, we will utilize advanced Internet and digital media technology to convey the cultural heritage and art treasures of China to the global public. While we promote the long history and splendor of Chinese culture, we hope to make the people of the world respect, understand and love Chinese culture.

About Our Product

Since the establishment of the "CHN Museums" team, we have organized many field trips and discussions with renowned museums to deepen the interpretation and historical memory of Chinese culture in different geographical environments and times. Through the integration and innovation of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, we present to the public the best products with unique Chinese aesthetics and philosophy, and show to the world China's unique lifestyle and cultural background, as well as the inheritance and accumulation of traditional crafts and craftsmanship since ancient times. Even in this era of modernization, mechanization and mass production, we still hope to present to the public unique handicrafts with temperature that bear the history and culture of this land, created with the creators' painstaking efforts and warmth.